During the school year, we have our large group gatherings on Wednesday nights at 8pm on campus. Students gather weekly to hear teaching from the Bible and worship through live music.



At Salt Company, we value community. You weren't created to do life with Jesus alone! We gather together on Wednesday nights, but we also have different groups led by students happening after our Midweek Gathering. We call these Connection Groups. These groups give you space to take what we're learning and apply it to your life, ask questions about what it means to love and follow Jesus, and make friends that will walk through life with you each week.


Salt Theology Program is a place where we desire to help people love and follow Jesus through theological education that shapes, strengthens, and sends. We offer two 6-week classes every semester.



One of the most important aspects of The Salt Company is our Connection Groups, and all Connection Groups are led by student leaders. Joining The Salt Company leadership is the best way we know how to be discipled during your college years. We aren't looking for perfect leaders, but broken people who model an authentic pattern of repentance and faith in Jesus.


Salt Global is a fellowship of international students from all over the world and American friends at Penn State University who seek to care, welcome, serve, and support international students, scholars, and their families. We are continually working hard to make State College feel like a "home away from home" for many who are so far away from their own families. Salt Company students are also sent to the nations each year to share the Gospel with college students who may not otherwise hear of Jesus as their Savior.